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Yes you can. Pan will cut our chip dispersions in a solvent that is compatible with your coating to give you a liquid colorant with all the advantages of chip.

We have almost every type of manufacturing equipment normally used for pigment dispersion. We routinely disperse customer specified pigments in liquid and chip dispersions.

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Every product has a rigid set of specifications. Our Quality Control laboratory tests every lot to assure that all specifications are met. Test results are maintained so that every batch can be compared against not only the standard, but also the history of the production of that material.

All PanTINT® Colorants are designed to provide optimum compatibility in as broad a range of finished products as possible. We probably have a system that is compatible with your coating or ink. If not, we can either modify one of our existing systems for better fit in your application, or in many cases we can disperse directly in your resin.

Pan Technology is a manufacturer of an extensive range of pigment dispersions and performance additives for coatings and inks, as well as a number of gravure inks and specialty topcoats. We have such a variety of offerings that we understand why someone might think we are distributing for a number of manufacturers.

PanTINT® Chip Dispersions provide greater tint strength, purer color and better transparency than comparable liquid colorants. The differences are greatest with hard to grind, high performance pigments like Perylenes, Quinacridones, Transparent Iron Oxides and High Color carbon Blacks. Chip dispersions are also 100% solids so they do not add VOC’s to your coating or ink.

PanTINT® Liquid Dispersions are free-flowing liquids that are ready to use and do not require any special mixing to incorporate them into your coating.

Liquid dispersions of conventional iron oxides and the softer organics are generally more economical to use than chip since these pigments can be fully dispersed with much less intense processing and have lower manufacturing costs. Most paint and coatings manufacturers are more familiar with liquid colorants and find them easier to use.

Standard colorants are controlled to DE of 1 and tinting strength of +/- 5%. Closer tolerances are established as required for special products for automotive coatings and other critical applications.

We can give you a choice of approaches to coloring your coating without adding VOC’s.

We have solvent-free chip dispersions for water and solvent based coatings as well as liquid dispersions for zero VOC aqueous coatings.

We also disperse pigments in plasticizer and solvent-free liquid resins to meet many of your special needs.

Quality is always a top priority at Pan. Our quality policy states:

“It is our policy to strive to deliver product and service to our customers on time, based on mutually agreed upon requirements. Through our Sales, Customer Service, Technical and Production Departments and with continual training and improvement, we will enhance our ability to meet customer requirements. The management of Pan Technology is committed to establishing and achieving its Quality Objectives in order to ensure and enhance customer satisfaction.”

We are proud to have our quality management system certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

Pan has a reputation for delivering top quality dispersions of hard to grind pigments. Our dispersions of transparent iron oxides, high jet carbon blacks, Perylenes, Quinacridones and other high performance pigments are second to none.

Standard products that are in stock will usually ship within two working days. Special orders turn around in two weeks assuming all raw materials are available.

It varies based on the type of product. We can make as little as a single 5 gallon pail of most liquid colorants, inks and clear topcoats. Chip dispersions require a minimum of 50 pounds.

A single 5 gal pail if it’s a stock item. For “specials” the minimum order is one full batch, which is usually 50 gallons or more.

We will accept orders for batches as small 5 gallons or 50 pounds as one-time-trial-only trial orders, or as part of an order for larger volumes of additional products.

One of the key differences is flexibility. As an independent, privately owned business, we do not have to deal with the excessive bureaucracy that often gets in the way of progress. We understand your needs and will we work with you as a partner in reaching your goals.

Yes, we will produce to your formula, if it is within the range of our manufacturing capabilities.