Top Quality Pigment Dispersions

For more than 60 years, we have manufactured the world's finest pigment dispersions in both liquid and 100% solids chip forms. PAN Technology, Inc. is committed to providing solutions to all your dispersion needs with the best in on-time deliveries, superior laboratory services and responsive customer service and support. As part of our ongoing commitment to building quality into everything we manufacture, PAN Technology is proud to have been certified as meeting the quality standards of ISO 9001:2015, since November 2004.

Solid, Chip, Solvent & Aqueous Applications

We can provide your company with the highest quality dispersions of the most difficult to process pigments, like transparent iron oxide, high jet carbon black and various organic pigments, and do so in just about any resin system that you choose. Our dispersions are used in such diverse applications as conventional and low VOC industrial, OEM and architectural coatings, solvent and water reducible packaging inks, UV and EB cured coatings, adhesives, and digital printing inks. Our ink line includes conventional solvents, HAPS-free solvent, and waterborne inks for specialty printing applications. We also offer specialty additives as well as a variety of clear coatings in all levels of gloss. They can be used in swimming pool liners, commercial and residential wall covering, furniture, metalized foil, polyester film and interior automotive applications.

Custom Solutions for Automotive, Industrial & Printing Customers

We know you have challenges. Getting what you need, when you need it. At Pan Technology we pride ourselves on providing the expert technical support and world-class customer service necessary to make it happen. If your challenges are not being met, maybe it's time for a new supplier. We would be happy to show you exactly why PanTint dispersions are... manufactured excellence. Contact us today to get started!